Managing obesity with Meridia

Working process of Meridia for treating obesity

Meridia also known as sibutramine is a weight reducing pill and is used to treat obesity. It is seen to give the best result when combined with diet and exercise. It has a different mechanism of action when compared to other weight reduction pills and is highly preferred by people with obesity problems related to diabetes, high cholesterol or high blood pressure. It affects the appetite control centers in the brain and increases the feeling of fullness or satiety. This hinders food intake by the patient which subsequently leads to weight loss. Meridia is recommended only for obese patients with an initial body mass index (BMI) greater than or equal to 30 or 27 kilograms per meter square.

What makes Meridia highly desirable by obese people?

Meridia inhibits the reuptake of serotonin and norepinephrine. It lowers the blood triglycerides, colostral through anorexic and thermogenic effects. Meridia reduces the waist/ hip ratio and has a promising effect on patients who consume it. Despite its long-term side effects, it’s widely used because of its effectiveness. Meridia acts as an appetite suppressant and helps in reducing weight tremendously. The changes can be seen in losing weight up to 1.5 kg in the patients after 4 days of taking Meridia. Nowadays people rely on online pharmacies to buy meds online and it is easy to purchase Meridia online at the much cheaper price when compared to those sold in local drugstores. Legal online pharmacy sells Meridia and other drugs at an affordable price with good discount prices and COD option

Ideal dosage of Meridia for morbid obesity

Any patient who complains of risk provoking obesity, the recommended starting dose which will be prescribed will be 10 mg once daily with or without food. After two weeks, the patient will be reviewed by the physician to check, blood pressure and heart rate changes. If the health issues seem to be normal and if the patient has inadequate weight loss, then an increase in dosage will be prescribed. The dosage will be titrated to 15 mg once daily within a span of four weeks. Doses above 15 mg are not recommended and the intake daily is preferably advised to be taken in the morning. And all this is to be strictly done along with proper physical exercise and low calorie or healthy diet. But if the patient gets back with any changes in his/her blood pressure and heart rates, the drug will be discontinued for him/her to prevent any complications.

Pros of Meridia:

  • Meridia can be used for long-term treatment and therefore, patients can keep using this drug to maintain their weight and after losing them successfully.
  • Studies prove that it helps in shedding the extra flesh around the waist and hip region.
  • It is effectively seen to lose 5 to 9 % of one’s weight in six months to a year’s time when combined with proper and healthy diet and a scheduled physical exercise program.
  • The side effects of Meridia are usually not fatal and they don’t cause any risk to one’s good-health.
  • Meridia is very useful in combating various obesity-related problems like, diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol levels, which in turn will pose a threat to human life.
  • It has no dependency or addictive nature and hence, because of these factors, Meridia is considered as a life-saving drug by obese people.